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Jim Thompson’s House , Ayutthaya

Type of Destination
Heritage, Museums
100 - 150 Baht
Languages Spoken
Thai and English
Open Time
9AM - 6PM
Ideal Trip Duration
1-2 Hours
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About Jim Thompson’s House

Jim Thompson's House in Bangkok is a top thing to do in the city; it showcases authentic, traditional Thai home design and décor. The entry fee is 100-150 baht approximately. Jim Thompson was an American expat and former architect who moved to Thailand and decided to start a textile business there. He was very successful and his goods are still famous and sold all over the world today.

The house is surrounded by trees which provide calmness and a relief from Bangkok's humid weather. Jim Thompson’s idea was to mix east and west both style and create something eye-catching. The in-house lighting arrangements are spectacular in one word and clever, wooden hand carved figurine, high above your head, Belgian chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the floor covered with Italian marble and wooden staircase.

As you visit every room you will keep wondering what’s in the next room, what will you find. Thompson’s thoughtful attention to every detail will surprise you, his sophisticated taste and deep knowledge of Asian art shine through every antique piece of his house, indicating the depth his knowledge and skills towards art.

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