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World India Himachal Pradesh Kinnaur
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India Himachal Pradesh Kinnaur

About Kinnaur

One of the districts of Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur comprises of Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar areas. Popularly known as ‘Land of the Gods’, this tremendously beautiful district is surrounded by the three high mountain ranges namely, Zanskar, Greater Himalayas and Dhauladhar.

Tourists visit Kinnaur for Sarhan, Sangla and Kalpa. Each of these places is not frequented by hordes of tourists like some other places in Himachal and known for their picturesque settings, soothing atmosphere and clean, pure air. The slopes are covered with thick wood, orchards, fields and picturesque hamlets. Thousand year old monasteries still exist to provide scenic beauty to visiters. Wildlife sanctuaries, the Nako Lake and long and winding trekking routes are wonderful pastimes for tourists.

Reckong Peo is the administrative headquarters of Kinnaur and from here one can see Kinnaur Kailash, the legendary abode of Lord Shiva. Kinnaur can be reached by Shimla and road is the only mode of transportation. Apples from Kinnaur region are famous all over India.

Apples, chilgoza and other dry fruits grown here are famous for their quality and world renowned. The abode of Lord Shiva, Kinnur Kailash; can be seen from here. The winter here lasts from October to May, making it a perfect place for a holiday. Kothi has a temple dedicated to the goddess Chanadika Devi. An exquisite gold image of goddess is enshrined in sanctum. Nako Lake is famous for its boat rides and also, when frozen, provides the opportunity for ice- skating.

Kinnaur hides some of the Himalayas most scenic areas. Wild horses graze by springs in verdant valleys. Hilltop monasteries chant over grey brown ridged mountains. Adventurers ride Enfield motorbikes on turning mountain roads. Hire a jeep or organize a trek. Overall, a delightful place; feast your eyes on natural beauty, go visit Kinnaur. You won’t be disappointed.

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