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World India Himachal Pradesh Kullu Great Himalayan National park
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India Himachal Pradesh Great Himalayan National park


Located in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh state, Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is perched at an altitude ranging from 1500 to 6000 meters. The area bound up the Jiwa, Sainj and Tirthan rivers was setup as the Great Himalayan Park in the year 1984. Great Himalayan National park is characterized by high alpine peaks and meadows along with riverine forests and valleys.

You can find enormous variety of flora and approximately 375 species of fauna which includes mammals, reptiles, birds, annelids and insects etc. Gliding snowcapped mountains, lush green meadows dispersed with extraneous flora are really a visual treat for our eyes. Mountain goats, Snow leopard, Musk deer, Brown bear, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan serow, Himalayan goral, Leopard, Snow leopard, Bharal, and pheasants etc can be sighted in Great Himalayan Park.

During the monsoons and winters, this area receives heavy rains and snowfall and most roads become inaccessible. Therefore April to June and October-November are the best times to visit.

There are many forest rest houses at Sai Ropa and Sainj, outside the Park which provide basic accommodation. Bhuntar near Kullu is the nearest airport; Shimla (270 km.) is the nearest railhead. Kullu (60 km.) is the closest town.

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