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World India Himachal Pradesh Sangla
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India Himachal Pradesh Sangla

About Sangla

Sangla is a picturesque town in the Baspa valley with slate roofed temples and low lying wooden houses. The world’s best potatoes are grown here; that’s enough motivation to visit this beautiful valley. Surrounded by forested slopes and a view of the magnificent high mountains, it is a splendid sight. This town is majorly known for its food produce- apples, apricots and walnuts. The main attractions of this valley include the Great Himalaya Kamru Fort, Mata Devi Temple & Bearing Nag Temples.

Sangla boasts of a mix of Buddhist and Hindu cultures and is visited not just for its temples but for its adventure opportunities too. Sangla has some renowned temples like the Bering Nag Temple and Kagyupa Temple. The Bering Nag temple celebrates the Phulech festival in September-October with the city coming alive in its best festive spirit.
Also famous for the camping locations, Sangla is a host to Banjara Camps and Kinner Camps from April to September. One can also opt to unwind with options like nature admiring, apple plucking and even Trout fishing in the Baspa River, taking a trek along the Baspa River or just visiting the Kamakhya fort.

Take a trip down Rupin pass for a breathless and surreal experience; looking at the trees and letting the air engulf you. Visit Chitkul, the last inhabited village on the Indo- Tibetan border. The Tibetan Wood Carving Centre is also a rare and beautiful sight, situated on the saffron farm in the outskirts of Sangla. To bring out the inner adventurer in you, camping sites and treks are always present. Plan a trip to this town and come back feeling completely new.

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