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World India Himachal Pradesh Panarsa Shringi Rishi Temple
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India Himachal Pradesh Shringi Rishi Temple


Located in Bagi above the Plech, Sakiran & Banjar Valley of the Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh, Shringi Rishi Temple or Shriga Rishi Temple bears testimony to the true essence the the mystic land, India. Rishyasringa is a character we encounter several times in ancient Indian Literature. He is present in the history of Anga and he is present in the Ramayan as well. This popular and significant figure happens to be a major deity of the inner Saraj area of Kullu. The deity of Shringi Rishi is considered very sacred by locals and they believe that this deity is one which protects them from all ill effects. There is a particular season of major rituals. The place remains inaccessible for the rest of the year. Shringi Rishi was a descendant of Kashyapa sage.

Shringi Rishi Temple has a typical Himachali architecture and the state being good old Himachal, beauty is guaranteed. It is the kind of place you visit to calm yourself when you just can't take things anymore. This is where you come when you just want to get away and let God take the wheel from your hands. Amidst the mountains and the cool wintry breeze, God probably doesn't have much to do because the beauty of the location is going to do the trick without much intervention required from the higher sources. You must visit this temple if you want a taste of Incredible India because this is where old sages are worshipped and this is where kings were holy and this is where magical powers were a reality. This temple speaks plenty in just a single visit. You must see it for yourself.
Once in a year mostly in the month of May, a group of Priests, locals visit the Shringi Rishi Temple to perform Pujas and rituals. During rest of the year the place will be thickly covered by snow.

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