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World India Meghalaya Cherrapunjee Nohsngithiang Waterfalls

Nohsngithiang Waterfalls , Cherrapunjee

Type of Destination
Scenic, Waterfall
Languages Spoken
Khasi, Garo, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi & English
Nohsngithiang Waterfalls Altitude

Best time to visit Nohsngithiang Waterfalls

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India Meghalaya Nohsngithiang Waterfalls

About Nohsngithiang Waterfalls

Nohsngithiang waterfalls, also known as Seven Sisters Waterfalls or Mawsmai waterfalls, are the fourth highest waterfalls in India. Located in Meghalaya, the falls are visible only during the official rainy season and seven streams plunge on the limestone cliffs of Khasi hills. It is about a km away from Mawsmai village. The water falls from a height of 1,033 ft or 315 mts. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and see how the water takes on an ethereal shine when the sun sets. 

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