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World India Meghalaya Shillong Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock , Shillong

Type of Destination
City, Adventure
Languages Spoken
Khasi, Garo, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi & English
Kyllang Rock Altitude

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India Meghalaya Kyllang Rock

About Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock is about 11 KMs from Mairang lies a huge dome of red granite, locally known as Lum Kyllang. The southern side of the rock is very steep and inaccessible, but the rock can be accessed from its northern and eastern sides. The Bright red granite is claimed by the geologists to be several million years old. The southern side of Kyllang Rocks is embellished with enormous blocks of rocks. The northern flank is lush green with rhododendron trees and oaks. Rock climbing enthusiasts often visit Kyllang rock, which rises to about 5400 ft above sea level and is 1000 ft. in girth. It is about 78 KMs from Shillong. 

One may find the rare and age old red Rhododendron trees and oaks and also white Rhododendron tree which are only found in this region.

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