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World India Meghalaya Shillong Jakrem
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India Meghalaya Jakrem


Jakrem is located 64 km from the state capital, this place is famous for its hot water springs of sulphur which are believed to have medicinal benefits. A huge number of people visit this place either to enjoy its natural beauty or to experience the health therapy provided here. As a result this place is developing as a health centre of naturopathy and is able to attract tourists every year. There are bathing compartment available for the public to make use of, maintained by a private company. Special rooms with all essential facilities are also provided by this company.

Though this place has so much to offer and endow people with, tourists often complain regarding the lack of cleanliness and hygiene in this place.  Bathing in Sulphur or being in a hot water spring isn’t something that is common; we see large number of people travelling across globe to enjoy such experiences once in their lives.  Being here is something you should think about but bathing here one would have to think twice. Be smart and decide accordingly. If one chooses to be here with their loved ones make sure one takes good care. Enjoy its uniqueness with your friends and family. 

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