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World India Andhra Pradesh Tirupati Silathoranam
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India Andhra Pradesh Silathoranam


Tirupathi does not only possess the world famous Thirumala Temple, but also houses a distinctive geological wonder the "Rock Arch" or Natural Arch ("Silathoranam – in Telugu") on the Thirumala hills. You can see this rock arch nearby Chakra Theertham towards north of Thirumala Temple. One among the few natural rock bridge in Asia, Silathoranam links two dissimilar rocky vertical columns. Again there are three different beliefs among public regarding this rock formation. As per first belief, hood of Serpent, a Conch and a discus are resembled by this rock arch and so it is the holy symbol as per Hinduism. Second version says that height of this arch from ground level is same as the height of the main deity in Sanctum Sanctorum of the Thirumala Temple. The third version is little interesting which states that when Lord Vishnu came to Thirumala from Vaikunta, he placed his foot first in “Sreevaripadalu” (highest point of Thirumala Hills) and then he placed his second foot on the location where Silothoranam is situated and then he placed his next step on the place where the temple is located. The geological examination states that these rocks had formed nearly 150 billion years ago.

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