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World India Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram
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India Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram

About Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram, the renowned city for hand woven silk sarees, is located at an distance of 72 km from Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu. Lying on the banks of River Vegavathy, Kanchipuram served as an advanced learning center for Buddhism and Jainism during the 1st until the 5th century. The city has derived its antiquity from various kingdoms like Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar, Carnatic, and British. From the inscriptions found here the city was also ruled by Maurya and Chalukyas. This holy city which has enormous temples is the place where ancient Hindu Saint Adi Shankaracharya established the Hindu Monastic Pilgrim Center named “Kanchi Matha.

Fourteen of the 108 Divyadesams (Pilgrim Center) for Vaishnavites is located in Kanchipuram itself. Kailashanathar Temple and Vaikunta Perumal Temples are the most vital historical monuments in Kanchipuram. From the survey conducted in 2008, nearly 5000 families has weaving silk sarees as their major occupation. Based from the Hindu Mythology, the weavers in this city are the direct descendants of Saint Markanda, a celestial weaver for Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

GRT Regency, Hotel Baboo Surya, MM Hotel, Green Coconut Resorts are some hotels which give the tourists a pleasant stay at decent rates. Tourists can enjoy typical South Indian delicacies in Kanchipuram. The lip-smacking tastes of Dosas, Idlis, Pongal, etc. are highly irresistible.  One can enjoy these delicacies in various hotels in Kanchipuram like Shri Shakthi Ganapathi and Saravana Bhavan.

Almost every woman in Southern India has a treasured Kanjivaram Silk Saree of her own. Tourists can come across many people who throng the silk saree shops to purchase silk sarees for marraige. While packing up for a journey home, one should also leave some space for traditional handwoven silk sarees which can be purchased at reasonable prices from Silk Societies in Kanchipuram.


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Feb 07, 2014
If you are a group you can negotiate with the taxi driver for a day instead of haggling with autorickshaws.
I like it
Feb 07, 2014
South Indian Classical music concerts are held in evenings in the Kanchi Mutt, try to attend one.
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