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World India Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam Kailasagiri
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India Andhra Pradesh Kailasagiri


Kailasagiri is the most panoramic hilltop park with seven most picturesque view points. This eminent park is perched between scenic Eastern Ghats and the breezy ocean. Shiva Parvati Statues is an outstanding view to be seen in this park. The height of this statue is 40 ft. The tourists will be mesmerized by the 10 ft diameter Floral Clock in the Kailasagiri park. This floral clock lies just behind the Shiv Parvati Statue on lush green pasture, thus enhancing the beauty of statue further. Thirumala Thirupati Devasdanam (TTD) and VUDA together established the Shanku and Chakra Naama which symbolically represents the Lord Vishnu is also an important view to be checked out by tourists. Children will be amused by the toy train which moves around the park. Also ropeway from Appughar to Kailsagiri is introduced recently. Tourists can also access the Kailasagiri hilltop park through this ropeway. Apart from these attractions, tourists are also well entertained by Jungle trails, Shanthi Ashram View Point, Telescopic point, Titanic View Point, Gliding Base point etc.

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