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World India Andhra Pradesh Araku Valley
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India Andhra Pradesh Araku Valley

About Araku Valley

Snuggled up in the Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is a harmonious amalgamation of aromatic coffee plantations, lush green surroundings with dazzling cascades and wholesome climate. This pristine location is not much touched by human life. Situated near the Odisha border, the valley is approximately 120 kilometers way from Vishakapatnam and 3200 feet above the sea level. The journey from Vishakapatnam to the valley gives an opportunity to the travelers to witness picturesque landscapes and rustic atmosphere. Travelers can make brief halts at Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Borra Caves, Matsyagundam and plunging waterfalls of Sangda, Dunbriguda and Katika. This beauty is enclosed by mountains of Raktakonda, Sunkarimetta, Galikonda and Chitamogondi and is an abode to 19 indigenous tribal communities. Their traditional Dhimsa dance performance during the nightfall is one thing a tourist shouldn’t miss. There is also a Tribal Museum in the valley which can provide an understanding about their culture and history, showcasing a variety of rare artifacts and apparels.

Tourists can see lots of coffee plantations in Araku Valley. Its celebrated organic coffee plantations are gaining recognition on a global platform managed by small time tribal farmers.

Galikonda, the highest mountain of Andhra State (5000 ft above sea level), Raktagonda, Sunkarimetta, and Chitamogondi are the mountains which wrap the entire Araku Valley Anantagiri and Sunkarimetta Reserved Forests are also part of Araku Valley. Araku Valley is well linked with road and railway transportations.

Here one has to make no efforts to de-stress, the place itself does that job for the traveler, effortlessly, and that is what makes it so extraordinary.

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Take a walk around the town in early morning to soak in the beauty of this beautiful hill station.
Jan 31, 2014
Travel to Araku Valley by train. The scenery is breathtaking.
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