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World India Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Pench National Park
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India Madhya Pradesh Pench National Park


Pench National Park located in lower southern reaches of the Satpura hills derives its name from the Pench River which splits the National Park into two and forms the lifeline of the Park. The park is located in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh State close to Maharashtra's northern border. The area got the status as National Park in the year 1983.

The park is a major Tiger reserve area. Apart from Tiger, other animals that can be spotted in Pench National park are sloth bear, leopard, wild dog, wild gaurs,  fox, striped hyena Cheetal, Sambar, nilgai etc. Bird watchers can see nearly 200 species of birds including few migratory birds such as minivets orioles, waterfowls, wagtails, barbets, munias, mynas, and blue kingfishers. This forest inspired famous writer Ruyard Kipling to write the novel The Jungle Book.

Summers here are extremely hot with temperature reaching as high as 45°C and winters are very cold with minimum temperature touching freezing point. The Pench National Park is open to the visitors from October 16th to June 30th each year and closed during the rainy seasons (July - Sept). Suitable time to visit the park is from February to April.

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