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World India Telangana Warangal Ghanpur Kota Gullu Group Of Temples
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India Telangana Ghanpur Kota Gullu Group Of Temples


Being locally termed as "Kota Gullu",  the Ghanpur Temples were established by King Ganapathi deva during Kakatiya reign. It is known throughout the world how splendid the architecture of temples is in south India. Portraying these amazing architectural skills, Ghanpur Temples are a group of beautiful temples located in Ghanpur near Warrangal in Telangana.

There is always history behind marvelous pieces of architecture and Ghanpur temples also portray very rich culture. Even though being in decrepit state , the temples explains you the value of architectural style of Kakatiya’s. The Ghanpur Temples were constructed by King Ganapatideva,from Kakatiya dynasty. It was built in the late 12th and early 13th century and reflects a great deal of culture from that era. Being in this place will make you feel like you have reached back in time and experience true history.

All of these temples were enclosed by a two layered brick walls. A museum which exhibits the art and architecture of the Kakatiya dynasty was contained by the temple. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tourists can come across many mythical sculptures in these temples like Half human half lion riding on the elephant, Gaja-Kesari, Horse head lion back elephants in the porticos of the temple. The sight of ancient temples beneath the towering and lofty palms entices you.

The Ghanpur group of Temples comprise of more than 20 temples. All of them vary in size as well as design. Of all these temples, the main temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is the most magnificent and is the main reason why you must visit this place. Anybody even remotely interested in Indian historical architecture and culture must visit this temple.


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