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World India Madhya Pradesh Ratlam
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Madhya Pradesh Ratlam

About Ratlam

Ratlam is a historical destination, originally called Ratnapuri, in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. The New Town of Ratlam was founded by Captain Borthwick in 1829 with regular and broadened streets and well built houses.  Ratlam was once one of the first business making Towns in Central India being the centre of an extensive trade in opium, tobacco and salt. The city is popular for its historical and prehistoric religious monuments and currently now for production of Chemicals, Copper wires, Perfumes & pottery and textile. Ratlam is recognized for Gold, Ratlami Sev and the Ratlami Sari.

The Railway Station of Ratlam is a major junction of the Indian Railways. There are four most important railway tracks passing through Ratlam City, leading to Mumbai, Delhi, Ajmer and Khandwa. Ratlam station is one of the busiest railway stations in India. Ratlam has several beautiful temples such as KALKA MATA near Collectorate. Cactus Garden located at about 20 Km. at Sailana. Nageshwar Temple. The Hussain Tekri at "Jaora" is also the well known place. There are around 5 hotels in and around the place charging as per their quality of the services provided.

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