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People often like to view the city’s landscape from a famous high rise view point.  However, Singapore is a little bit different. Unlike most places, one can view the mesmerizing city landscape through the Singapore Flyer! This famous 541 feet Ferris Wheel gives the total 360 degree experience offering stunning views of the city at any time of the day.  Visitors need not worry about comfort and safety as they can take in the views through air conditioned glass capsules. Located within the Flyer’s premises is a built-in tropical rainforest which offers serenity to visitors. The intriguing Journey of Dreams is not to be missed. With psychedelic patterns and engaging multimedia as the storytellers, it gives one a glimpse of the history of Singapore and the Flyer. Exclusive fine dining services are also offered at the premises.

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Traveller Community User
May 28, 2016
Evening is the best time. No need to pre-purchase tickets online. On most days there is not much crowd. If you want u can even have the whole capsule
I like it
Traveller Community User
May 28, 2016
Singapore Flyer rotates very slowly so it is not scary at all. It takes about 30-40 mins to complete one round and costs S$24-33.
I like it

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