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Historical, Heritage, City, Pilgrimage
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Thai and English
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2-3 Days
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Bangkok is not just a city, but it is a living entity made up of such contrasting components, that it will take one ages to discover them all. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand has something very refreshing and lively about it. The city has the best of both worlds which means it has ancient temples and shopping malls. It's difficult to get bored in a place like this. There are lot of fun things to do in Bangkok. 

Bangkok is an experience which can be classy because of its extravagant malls, hotels, and high-end restaurants. It can be an experience which is risqué due to its nightclubs, cabarets and red-light districts. One thing is for sure that Bangkok is entertaining and it can keep all kinds of tourists engaged.

Something that is a must do in Bangkok is trying the local street food. Street food stalls are very common. There's a variety of street food choices. Some vendors only have taken away options and some have tables and chairs put out for people to sit and eat. Pad Thai or spicy soup is a must have when you visit Bangkok.

The existence of the capital city of Thailand, i.e. Bangkok can be traced back to the 15th century when it was a village ruled by the Ayutthaya Empire. However, 21 April 1782 is considered as the date on which the present city was established. Travelers could learn more about the city’s history and culture by visiting places such as the Grand Place, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Jim Thompsons House, Wat Saket, and Bangkok’s National Museum. You could explore and indulge yourselves at local markets like China town, The Floating Market, The Chatuchak Weekend Market and so on.

BTS is the most comfortable and convenient public transport in Bangkok. It connects the city well and makes it simple to move around. It is fast and efficient and gives you the feel of everyday life in Bangkok. Bangkok is known as the Venice of the east. Taking a boat ride in the Phraya River is a great experience. You can slow down from all that hustle and take in nature and witness a lot of the local life in Bangkok.

With all that travel you may want to kick back, relax and get yourself a Thai massage. Soothe your nerves with a message from a variety of parlors all over the city at reasonable prices. A Thai massage is a technique of stretching that eases the stress on your muscles. What better place to get a Thai massage than Thailand itself!

The adventurous ones could bike ride through Bangkok or maybe take a ride on the rainforest Zipline Canopy. Nature and Wildlife lovers could visit places like the Khao Yai National Park, The Safari World or the Marine Park.

Give this city of contrasts a chance and maybe it’ll amaze you in turn.

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