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Wang Lang Market , Bangkok

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Heritage, Shopping
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Thai and English
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1-2 Hours
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About Wang Lang Market

In local language 'Wang Lang' means the palace market. Wang Lang Market covers Thonburi side of Chao Phraya's and we’ll know to the local Bangkokians due to Siriraj hospital. Unlike Chatuchak, the goods here are more appealing to locals rather than tourist so will find authentic atmosphere comparing to Chatuchak market. Wang Lang sells the same goods as Chatuchak, from clothing to footwear, beauty products. You will find locals here, mostly school kids and local workers.

With shopping, Wang Lang offers great street food, another reason for its popularity. This place serves authentic traditional Thai cuisine, first-timers may not pull off some food but crazy Thai food lovers will definitely love it. Pop up shops with grills serving everything grilled, grilled squid, pork, sausage, chicken along with spicy sauce and salad. If you are not a fan of that food try sweet sticky rice, steamed corn, and coconut milk jelly, you may like it.

This place is open from 8 am to 7 pm and most stalls are open from 10 am to 5 pm.

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