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World Bhutan Eastern Zone Trashigang
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Eastern Zone Trashigang

About Trashigang

Trashigang is a town which once used to be the main trading centre, is now a tourist site famous for its religious significance. Lies on the east side of the valley with the river Dramgme Chuu flowing below it. It is at the junction of East-West highway and it is connected to Samdrup Jongkhar and Assam. The chief attraction of this town is Gom Kora also known as Gomphu Kora, is a temple which is around 25 kilometres from Trashigang. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche meditated here and left his body and hat prints on the rock which are visible to this day and hence it attracts many Buddhists and highly revered by the locals. Many beliefs are attached to this place.

Trashigang has many narrow caves, passing through which, will purify the person off all his/her sins. A pleasant atmosphere begins in the months of March and April when the largely celebrated event, Gomphu Kora Tsechu, a festival, is held. The colourful costumes and the cultural activities will surely engage the tourist and tourists should take one such costume and hat home which are available in this time. The Chorten Kora is also a sight to behold which is a one-hour drive from Trashigang. This stellar stupa is modelled after the famous Bodhnath stupa of Nepal. In the town, a visit to the Trashigang Dzong is a must. It dates back to the 17th century and is now the seat if administrative services. It is a beautiful peace of architecture and the interior walls are all painted with Buddhist themes. Many places around this town are suitable for trekking. Galing, a village within 15 kilometres, is a place where you will get a slice of typical rural life.

One can enjoy the Folk dances, Mak dances and Yak dances well. The trekking exactly starts at a place called Ranjung, 3 kilometres from here amidst green, dense forests. 

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