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World Bhutan Central Zone Gelephu Royal Manas National Park
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Central Zone Royal Manas National Park


Royal Manas National Park, considered to be a ‘Conservation Showpiece of the Kingdom,’ is by far the oldest natural reserves in Bhutan, holding a special significance in terms of biodiversity. It was recently declared open for visitation and while the Reserve continues to remain an enigma with many facets still awaiting to be explored and discovered, it offers a wide array of activities, from elephant safaris and camping to rafting and fishing trips, for the adventurous souls.

An eerie mystery, the Park portrays Mother Nature in its true untamed form, untainted from human touch. It offers sanctuary to birds and animals alike, with the crowning jewel being the Majestic Tiger, giving a breathtaking experience to the sightseers of Gods own creation. Also found are the clouded leopard, Asiatic elephant, Himalayan Black Bear and Gangetic dolphins among the many other endangered animals. Many traditional as well as medicinal plants and flowers bloom round the year.
Although tourism is still developing and not much is known about it, even to the tour guides and facilities can be difficult to arrange, it is truly a once in a lifetime experience and gives a new meaning to ‘Heaven on Earth.’ The best time to visit this Park would in the months of March till September.

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