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World Bhutan Central Zone Jakar Ura Valley
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Bumthangkha, Khengkha
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Central Zone Ura Valley


Ura Valley is the highest valley of the Bhumtang and is located in the easternmost part of it with an elevation of 3100 meters (19200ft). Since the last 25 years Ura has developed and transformed into a prosperous valley. The valley is actually renowned for its spectacular landscapes. The valley is rich in green lush and well-nourished vegetation. There are rosehip plants which are also made in a form of a tea. Also there are a variety of wild flowers. You can also find some wild horses grazing in and around the valley. 

The Ura Temple dominates the landscape of the Ura Valley. The temple is mainly dedicated to one of Bhutan’s spiritual teachers named Guru Rinpoche which was inaugurated in 1986. The architecture of the temple is grandeur and magnificent.  The Temple contains huge statue of Guru Rinpoche and also paintings that depicts the different cycles of his teachings.  There is also a kitchen behind this temple where food is prepared for the monks. 

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