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World Bhutan Central Zone Jakar Jakar Dzong
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Central Zone Jakar Dzong


Jakar is the first place where Guru Rinpoche visited while travelling to Bhutan. The ‘Jakar Dzong’ is one of the famous landmarks in Jakar, Bhutan.  It is a belief that when the lamas visited this place in 1949 for choosing a site for the construction of a monastery, they found a white bird which rose suddenly in the sky and settled itself on a spur of the hill. This whole incident was considered as a good sign or omen for them making this place the site for building the monastery, Jakar Dzong.

Jakar Dzong is also known as the ‘Castle of the White Bird’.  While reaching the Dzong you can get a view of the neighboring Chkhor Valley.  The road that leads to the Dzong is made on a foot along a stone-paved path. The most attracting feature of this dzong is the 50 meter high tower, something which is not present in the other dzongs of Bhutan. There is a Goenkhang constructed in the upper portion of the tower.  There are hanging images of a male and female above the door that leads to the temple of the main deities. It is probably done to keep evil away. There is also a watch-tower behind the main dzong.

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