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World Bhutan Eastern Zone Mongar Thrumshingla National Park
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Eastern Zone Thrumshingla National Park


Newly christened as the Phrumsengla National Park (Thrumshingla National Park), the sprawling natural reserve constitutes an area of about seven hundred kilometer square and is located in Central Bhutan. With diverse climatic conditions, the Park houses a significant number of endangered species including the Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Tiger and Malayan Giant Squirrel are found here. It houses the last remaining Alpine and Fir Forests and more than six hundred species of plants, including medicinal foliage.

It is provides for a safe haven for aves of all kinds, including Ward’s Trogon, Himalayan Monal, Satyr Tragopan , Blood Pheasant, Parrotbills , Beautiful Nuthatch, and various Wren Babblers are just some of the birds found in this park. It is a paradise for Bird watchers and ornithologists, and the country sees their visitation all-round the year.

Adding to the pristine environment are the rocky cliffs and misty rainfalls which are a guaranteed breath catching sight. The Lateral Road, which cuts across the park, is a popular motorable road. It also offers appealing trekking and hiking paths for the nature loving folks. Rhodungla and Bribdungla are some of the high mountain breathtaking trek and some of the lower elevation treks are Kheng Shingkhar and Latongla Trek. One can also enjoy the National Highway trek from Lirigang till Lingmithang. Ura to Gezamchu Trek offers easy 5 hrs trek. Most of this trek routes takes you through different vegetation zones and potential wildlife habitats. The best time to trek will be April to June and September to November.

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