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World Bhutan Eastern Zone Trashigang Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary
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Eastern Zone Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary


Located in North Eastern Bhutan, the Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is an amalgamation of erstwhile Kulong Chhu Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bumdeling conservation area. Sharing international borders with China and India, it is encompassed within an area of fifteen square kilometers.

It has a rich assortment of various species of flora and fauna, providing shelter to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Black Necked Cranes, White Tailed Eagle and many more. However, the most predominant feature of this sanctuary has to be the flutter of butterflies and more than two hundred species have been identified. The vegetation includes alpine meadows and pastures, pine forests to name a few.

The reserve also serves to be of cultural and historical importance. It includes the Dechenphodrang Lhaghang, one of the most picturesque monasteries, and the Singye Dzong, adding to the rustic charm of the sanctuary. There are three rivers which flow through it and only add to the verdant surroundings. Also famous for its handicraft, the villagers thrive off of the handmade crafts particularly the wodden bowl (Dapa), handmade paper (Desho), Buddhist Painted scrolls (Thangka) and bamboo belts for weaving bamboo mats. Ideal time to visit this natural beauty would be from March till September but monsoons can be avoided.

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