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World India Tamil Nadu Chennai Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
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India Tamil Nadu Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary


Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary or Pulicat Lake is one of the well-known tourist places in Tamil Nadu. It is situated on the Barricade Island of ShrihariKota. The total area of the Pulicat is 720 sq km among which 84% falls within Andhra Border and remaining 16% within Tamilnadu State.. Pulicat is considered as one of the famous destinations for Ornithologists and bird watchers. It is India’s second largest brackish water ecosystem. Chilika in Orissa ranks first in that kind. The serene atmosphere of Pulicat Lake is a blessing of this region. The Lake spread across Tiruvallur District of Tamilnadu and Nellore Tada, Doravari Satram, Sullurpeta, Chittamuru Mandal and Vakadu of Andhra Pradesh.

Mild and pleasant climatic condition makes the spot a comfortable spot for tourists. The lake has an opening of 200m width narrow mouth to the Bay of Bengal at the southern end. Sriharikota Island, a sandbar closes the rest of the part from the Bay of Bengal. The region is receiving rainfall between 800mm to 2000mm. The magnificent view and captivating environment allures enormous tourists from all over world.

Pulicat town is located close to this water lagoon formed from the Bay of Bengal. It lies north of Chennai. Rivers Arani, Kalangi and Swarnamukhi feed this lagoon as well. The lagoon is considered as the habitat for a large number of organisms. It includes different species of fish, worms, prawns, mollusc etc. Lake offers habitat for more than 100 species of both terrestrial and aquatic birds, small mammals and reptiles. The sanctuary becomes temporary points for migratory birds from Eastern Europe and Central Asia during winters. Up to 15,000 flamingos may attract to sanctuary during the winter season. Bird watcher can check out large numbers of Flamingos, Duck, Herons, Cranes, and Painted Stork. Tourists can see that the entire Pulicat Lake was covered with pink carpet as the Flamingos settles over the lake. The Tamilnadu Tourism Corporation organizes the Flamingo Festival in Mid-December each year.

Monsoon season fill the lake with fresh water and a huge quantity of tiny plants in the lake which feeds aquatic life like fishes etc. This helps to attract more wetland birds to this region. Pulicat lake Chennai distance is about 60 Kms.

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