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World India Tamil Nadu Chennai Government Museum, Chennai
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India Tamil Nadu Government Museum, Chennai


The Government Museum of Chennai is one of the oldest and largest in South Asia. Established in 1851, the museum is constructed over 16 acres of land. Also known as Egmore Museum, it is located in the heart of the Chennai city easily accessible by train and bus. The Museum is located in the pantheon complex which also houses the National Art Gallery, a venue for theater performances, and other departments. 

The museum may not be in its best form having withstood hundreds of years, but nevertheless has an outstanding collection of antiquities and artifacts. Museum houses various artifacts among which the archaeological, numismatic collections and Roman antiquities are in maximum quantity. Museum Complex has nearly 6 buildings and 46 galleries. Museum also has a theatre which can easily accommodate 600 people. Museum which is one of the Manuscript Conservation Center protects nearly 19,007 manuscripts. The Connemara Public Library was also added to the complex in late 19th century. Check out the museum buildings for its architecture, and take a walk around the campus to enjoy some greenery. Some of the impressive displays here are the rare paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Hindu sculptures, and Numismatic gallery. 

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