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The third largest city of Andhra Pradesh State, Vijayawada lies on the northern banks of Krishna River.  The name literally means “Land of Victory” and it is the biggest city in Krishna District. The city is much renowned for “Kanaga Durga Temple”. Vijayawada has many myths associated to its history and origin. As per one mythology, it was in this city, Arjuna (Pandavas Brother) was blessed by Lord Shiva atop the Indrakiladri Hills. This hill was referred in Mahabharata, the great Indian Epic. Since Goddess Kanaga Durga defeated the Demon King in this place, the city was named after the victory as “Vijayawada”. Also few belief states that Goddess of River Krishna (Krishnaveni), asked Arjuna to make a pathway so that she can flows across and merge into Bay Of Bengal Ocean. So Arjuna drilled up big hole (“Bejjam” in Telugu) through the mountain and the river flows into the Ocean. Hence the city also termed as “Bejjamwada” which later reformed into “Bezawada”.

Vijayawada was ruled by Chalukyas. Later in 12th century, Ganga Dynasty Kings Choda Gangadeva and Ananga Bhimadeva ruled the city, who originally established this city on the banks of River Krishna. In 6th century the city was visited by Chinese traveler Hsuan-Tsang. In later period, the city faced major development under British Raj. After the Prakasam Barrage was built across the river, Vijayawada boomed in agriculture and commercial segments. Vijayawada is well surrounded by Kondapalli Forest on its Western side. Currently the city is well achieved politically, sociologically and agriculturally.

HOTELS: Vijayawada has range of hotels which offer pleasant stay for tourists.Few of them are The Gateway Hotel, DV Manor Quality Hotel, Fortune Murali Park, Hotel Midcity, Minerva Grand, and Hotel Garuda etc. The lists include the budget hotels as well.

RESTAURANTS: The city is famous for firing up our tongue with their authentic spicy foods which are flavored by the hottest chilies grown in this area. Few of the delicacies to be tasted while visiting Vijayawada are Gongura mutton, Avaikai Pickle, Gongura Chutney, Bommidailapulusu, Natukodi Chicken etc.

SHOPPING: The main shopping area in Vijayawada includes the M.G Road, Kondapalli and Besant Road. Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees and textiles with Kalamkari work are much famed items in Vijayawada. Art lovers can pick some Kalamkari Paintings from Kalanjali Arts and Crafts. Kondapalli area has a huge collection of toys, popularly known as “Tella Poniki” or “Puniki” made up of light weight woods.

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