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World India Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry
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India Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry

About Rajahmundry

The largest city of the district, Rajahmundry stands on the banks of the Godavari River. Its origins can be traced back to the rule of Raja raja Narendra back in 1022 AD. Since then, the city has thrived, becoming a center of commerce and a hub of activity.

If you were to visit Rajahmundry, there are a few things to be recommended which contribute to the cities unique identity. Mahatma Gandhi Wholesale cloth market represents almost 500 traders and is the largest by far in the Andhra Pradesh district. It’s renowned for its women’s sarees and menswear made with the co-operative handloom, producing good quality goods at a low price. Whilst you’re there, you may feel like picking up some bargain gold or silver. All these markets and commerce located around the Fort Gate area.

Coming out of town slightly, visitors shouldn’t miss the Sir Arthur Cotton Museum, a tribute to one of the great engineers of the Empire. Widely accredited as the ‘Delta Engineer’, Arthur Cotton brought a lasting irrigation system, transforming the area from marsh to fertile field. He’s fondly remembered in this memorial consisting of models, tool, manuscripts, plans and publications from the period.

Of course, one of the things you must do when visiting Rajahmundry is partake of its culinary delights. Savory snacks of the once a year Pulasa fish, said to bestow promotion, wealth and happiness. The lovely flavored ‘Rosemilk’, and the local speciality of the Pootharekulu. 

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