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World India Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry Old Godavari Bridge

Old Godavari Bridge , Rajahmundry

Type of Destination
Languages Spoken
Hindi, Telugu & English
Open Time
24 Hours
Old Godavari Bridge Altitude

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India Andhra Pradesh Old Godavari Bridge

About Old Godavari Bridge

Sometimes known as the Havelock bridge, the old Godavari Bridge in Rajahmundry town served trains travelling between Howrah and Madras. It served a full 100 years and was decommissioned in 1997 to be replaced by the Godavari arch bridge. The Godavari arch bridge is India’s longest span arch-bridge and one of the longest in India. When you see pictures of Rajahmundry, it’s often this bridge that you’ll see depicted.

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