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World India Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada Kondapalli Fort
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India Andhra Pradesh Kondapalli Fort


Kondapalli fort which has seen many battles between South and North India Kingdoms is a main crowd puller in Vijayawada district. You have to cross three elegant gateways to access the fort. First gateway called Dargah Darwaza was constructed out single granite stone which is 15 feet high and 12 feet wide. This gateway was built to honor Gulab Shah who died in a battle in this place. Second gateway is the “Golconda Darwaza”. The Tanisha Mahal is located at the far side of the fort nestle between two hillocks. From the remnants can assume that the Mahal might had many chambers in ground level and very large hall in upper level. In front of the palace, the barracks built by British Raj can be seen having many rooms and hall. The reservoir water nearby the palace is said to be very cold and cause fever. This historic fort is believed to be constructed in 14th century by Kondavid King Prolaya Vema Reddy. In course of time, the fort was controlled by many dynasties like Kondavid, Gajapathi, Vijayanagar, Bahmani, British etc. Kondapalli is also famous for the light weight wooden toys called Kondapalli Bommalu.

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