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World India Lakshadweep Lakshadweep Islands Agatti Island
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Lakshadweep Islands
India Lakshadweep Agatti Island


One of the most famous islands of Lakshadweep, which holds you speechless is one of Agatti islands. The only mode of air transport is through here, the Agatti runway. The colorful fishes swimming in clear sea water are the major crowd puller in Agatti Island. Colorful coral reefs are the astonishing feature of the Agatti Island. This beach is amongst those that has snow white sand and water as clean as seeing your own reflection inside, with corals of various forms all around you! You have bicycles here for your travel and you can also hire them easily.

Agatti Island has some beach resorts which offer splendid stay for tourists. The best place to stay here is the Agatti Island Beach resort. It is just two minutes from the airport. The island of Bangaram is a must visit if you plan a trip here. Thinnakara is also known here. But, if you don’t have much time, you can skip Thinakara. You have sea food delight here and you can do snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and so on here. Diving here is a must. This is a small island, and the natives aren’t very prone to visitors and despite that, they have a very friendly attitude towards foreigners. Glass bottomed boats can be hired to watch the coral reefs while you are planning for a boating on crystal clear sea water. This 7 km long island is 459 km from Cochin, India Mainland.

If you are a newly-wed couple, Lakshadweep is your destination and this island can be included in your trip.

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