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Lakshadweep Islands
India Lakshadweep Kiltan Island


Kiltan Island is enriched with folk dances and high storm beaches on both its sides inclusive within 3 km, is an island that doesn’t cater to a lot. The majority of population here is of Muslims, but they’re very sweet. Not a lot of tourists go here; it isn’t much of a touristy island, in comparison to the others. If you still want to plan a visit here, you can and should, only in the winter months, as the heat is scorching and unbearable and it’s advisable not to travel here during that time and also to avoid the monsoon here, as a lot of inconvenience is caused and the boat transportation is the worst of all. There’s a light house here and that’s all. The culture is exuberant, but the island- not so much. During the summers, what the local population here does is, they make cubicles of cadjan leaves and they stay out on the beach and it is really chilled compared to them inside their huts and houses.

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