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Lakshadweep Islands
India Lakshadweep Andrott Island


Andrott or Androth Island, is the largest island in all of Lakshadweep. Not only that; densely populated Andrott Island , stands apart from all the other islands also due to the fact that it is the only island standing with a west-east orientation. It is not a tourist destination with packages as of now, due to lack of infrastructure facilities, which has been taken into consideration.
Andrott Island has a lighthouse that is very famous and it also houses the tomb of Saint Ubaidullah at the Jumaat mosque; another important place in Andrott is ruins of Buddhist site. He is said to have brought the Islam culture here. Since there are thick coconut groves, the island flourishes with Andretti Island. If we are lucky enough and of course patient enough we can get the glimpse of octopus which comes in neap tides.
This island has air and sea as considerable means to reach and there are ferry services that keep functioning for the convenience of people. There is helicopter service from Agatti to Andrott too. This place has rich history behind it and if you’re one history lover and inquisitive for the same, you need to go here.

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