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World India Maharashtra Aurangabad Lonar Crater Lake
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India Maharashtra Lonar Crater Lake


Crater Lake at Lonar is a unique lake is formed as a result of a meteor impact on earth, more than 50,000 years ago. It is located in Buldana district in Maharashtra, is about 1.83 KMs in diameter and 150 mts. in depth. Besides the scientific and geological aspect, the saline lake is also a scenic destination. There are several temples surrounding the lake, attracting religious pilgrims to this location. Bird-watchers also visit the lake during migratory season.

Lonar Crater Lake is said to be Earth only hyper-velocity impact crater formed in basaltic rock, several National as well as International Geological entities have conducted intensive investigation on this wonder.

The lake was first explored by British officer J E Alexander in 1823. Local legends also suggest that the village of Lonar is named after the Lonasura, a friend who habited in the lake. Travelers can make brief halts at the Temples of Gomukh, Ram Gaya and Shankar Ganesha which have many interesting tales connected to their origin. The lake is circularly enveloped with a thick, abundant variety of vegetation and serves a hospitable abode to several migratory birds like baya weavers, brahminy ducks, herons, parakeets and red-wattled lapwings; an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic bird watchers. Travelers can have the most wondrous time if the trip is done in the pleasant months of winter, the ambience is at its best and cold climate proves to be miraculous.

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