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World India Gujarat Porbandar Kirti Mandir - Porbandar

Kirti Mandir - Porbandar , Porbandar

Type of Destination
Historical, Heritage
Languages Spoken
Gujarat, Hindi, English
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India Gujarat Kirti Mandir - Porbandar

About Kirti Mandir - Porbandar

The Kirti Mandir is also known as the temple of fame. The Kirti Mandir is one of the famous sites in the city; it is the ancestral house of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. The house has various belongings and books related to Mahatma Gandhi. Maharaja Sayaji Rao III had built the edifice in 1936 A.D. There is a special feature at the Mandir, which are the 79 feet candle holder representing the 79 years of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The place has a positive aura and houses information about all the religions of the world.

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