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Ayodhya is one of the landmark and divine city of the ancient times, stands proudly on the banks of the mystic Sarayu River. Presumed to be the birthplace of King Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, it is one of the most sacred places in India. Ayodhya has a high religious importance in the hearts of Hindu pilgrims. The temple city has been famous in the books of history, as illustrious Suryavamsh rulers had ruled it. The Most of the legendary tales of the epic Ramayana have taken birth in the city. The city was also known as Saketa in the ancient times unfolds some of the spectacular moments in the great epic Ramayana.

The streets of Ayodhya are strewn with old temples and devout sadhus, and are, to a certain extent, traffic-free. Ramkot is the most frequented place of worship here with pilgrims flocking from all over India. On Ram Navami, the birthday of Lord Rama, the familiar spiritual aura makes way to a festive one, enveloping Ramkot and the rest of Ayodhya. Some of the other popular attractions in Ayodhya include the much disputed Ram Janam Bhoomi(the birth place of Lord Rama), Hanuman Garhi, an enormous fort with a temple of Hanuman inside, and as legend has it, guards the Janam Bhoomi, and Nageshwarnath Temple, built by Kush, son of Rama.

The city is a cradle of a number of religions and houses various religious texts and relics belonging to different religions. Apart from Hinduism, Ayodhya also fosters Jainism and one can find numerous Jain temples interspersed around the place. An assortment of ancient structures testifies the celebrated tales of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism in the city. In the Jain relics, the land has been described as a city built by the Gods. The city has been blessed with a legendary past and old world charm too.

The best time to visit Ayodhya is from end of July to September.

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