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World India Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur
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India Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur

About Gorakhpur

The city of Gorakhpur is located 90 km from the India-Nepal Border, close to Kushinagar. The town is both religiously and historically rich. Historically, it is believed that the small town used to be a center for handlooms trade. The city has a rich religious culture; Gorakhpur is believed to be the principal seat for saint Gorakhnath. Lord Buddha had surrendered his princely costumes at the union of rivers Rapti and Rohini. The city of Gorakhpur is geographically in the shape of a bowl. The appropriate location of the city provides it with the advantage of a calm atmosphere and cool weather all around the year. The world-renowned Poet Kabir composed and propagated the most of his couplets here. Gorakhpur had risen to fame in the early 20th century, when Gandhi ended the illustrious Non-Cooperation Movement due violence at Chauri Chaura of Gorakhpur. The city is also well-known the famous Gita press, which publishes ancient religious works and mythological books. The city is rich in arts, crafts, dance and music. During different festivals different type of music is performed like on Diwali Karwaha is sung, on holi phagun is sung and in the months of monsoon and winters people enjoy alha and kajari music. For shoppers, the city has a range of handicrafts to explore. The major products made in the city are Handloom, terracotta and Textiles. The city Gorakhpur is the center of the northeastern railways and railways very well connect the city. The other important tourist centers around the city are Kushinagar, Chari Chaura, Lucknow, Lumbini and Kapilavastu.  

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