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World India Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Kushinagar
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India Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar


Kushinagar is one the five important places in the life Of Lord Buddha, at Kushinagar Gautam Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. The city is of high importance for the Buddhist pilgrims as Lord Buddha had lectured his last sermon in 543 BC. It is believed that Lord Buddha loved this place so much that he came back to Kushinagar and left his soul in the excel forest of Sal Van. His last procession was a real massive finale. The cultural site is located 53 km from the city of Gorakhpur, located on the banks of the Gandak River. The town is far-famed for its history, stupas and temples. Gen A Cunningham and A C L Carlyl discovered most of the stupas and temples during 1861-1876. A 6.10 m long statue of resting Buddha was also discovered. The city is a home for Bodh Bikshuks. People looking for culturally and spiritually rich experience should visit this site.  

Three months prior at Vaishali upon the arrival of 'Magh Purnima', he declared his demise and took his last breath at Kushinagar. The cremation of Lord Buddha was carried out at Rambhar where 'Mallas' built an enormous stupa over the ashes. Some years later Emperor Asoka had redesigned it. 

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