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World India Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Arogya Mandir
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India Uttar Pradesh Arogya Mandir


Arogya Mandir is a therapeutic temple in Gorakhpur known for its mind and body treatments. Dr. Vithal Das Modi has constructed the temple in 1940. He was a freedom fighter and naturopath. He was a preacher of Vipassana meditation, which was taught to him by Gautam Buddha. Arogya Mandir is situated on a sprawling 4-acre land in natural surroundings, pollution-free environment, 5 Km. away from Gorakhpur Railway station in Uttar Pradesh, India. The basic idea behind setting up the Mandir was that patients should get sunshine, oxygen and perfect peace to recover and keep them healthy. The treatments are done by using the five natural elements, which are the sun, earth, water, air and sky. Some of the therapies used here are pranayam, exercises, warm bath, hydrotherapy, mud-therapy, Yoga, steam bath, massage and diet. In order to help the patients coming from other cities the Mandir has built accommodation in the premises, which offers AC deluxe, double-bedded, four bedded and eight bedded suites & dormitory with modern amenities.

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