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World India Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Mahaparinirvana Temple
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India Uttar Pradesh Mahaparinirvana Temple


Mahaparinirvana Temple or Nirvana Temple symbolizes Buddhist architecture style. Buddhist pilgrims all over the year visit the shrine. The temple is built on the same place where Lord Buddha had attained Mahaparinirvana.

The temple is a one-room temple and is believed to be built around the fifth century. This idol of Lord Buddha had been exhumed in the year 1876 and was reconstructed by the Burmese Buddhists in 1927. The temple houses the statue Lord Buddha in the reclining state. The figurine represents the dying Buddha reclining on his right side. A caption underneath the statue dates the statue to the fifth century AD. The statue is made of Monolith sandstone and portrays an image of the dying Lord Buddha lying on his right hand side. The temple has another attraction in the premises such as the stupas and the Dharma bell. In addition, the stupa stands on the same base on, which the temple rests upon.

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