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World India Uttar Pradesh Lucknow
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India Uttar Pradesh Lucknow

About Lucknow

Lucknow, the multicultural city, prospered as a city of culture and art for entire North India in 18th -19th century. It is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a state of North India. The culture and monuments in Lucknow have a touch of Nawab in their every aspect. Lucknow possesses the most prestigious educational institutes of India. The city is the birthplace of art like Kathak dance form, Ghazal music etc. Most of population in Lucknow is Muslim and colloquial Hindustani language is spoken by people in Lucknow.

Lucknow is the land of Awadh Kingdom which was wealthiest kingdom which ruled then most fertile lands which lie between River Ganga and River Yamuna. Mughal Emperors appointed Nawab (Governor) to take care of various areas of their empire. Lucknow was one such place, which was predominantly controlled by Nawabs, even after Mughal Empire faded out. These Nawabs originally belong to Awadh Kingdoms. Nawab of Lucknow like Asaf-Ud-Daulah, Sadaat Ali, and Muhammed Ali Shah etc contributed a lot to Lucknow and its citizens. Lucknow played vital role in struggle for India's independence.

Lucknow offers a range of hotels for your comfortable stay. Vivanta Taj, Piccadilly Lucknow, Charans Club and Resorts, Homestay Lucknow etc are some of the best hotels where you can stay in Lucknow.

The food and cuisine of Lucknow is of royal Nawabi flavor. You must try the Naan, Shahi Paneer, Kofta, Lucknowi Briyanis, and Kebabs, etc. while visiting this city. The city is the birth place of Raitha and Samosa. Also don’t forget to taste the mouthwatering “Rewadi” as dessert.

Handicrafts, art pieces, Gem Jewelry, leather goods, textiles etc. can be purchased as souvenirs here.

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Visit Chowk Market of Lucknow for clothes with traditional Chikan Embroidery - popular embroidery work done by local artisans.
Mar 08, 2014
Don't forget to try the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow which consists of Tunde, Shami kebabs, Gelawati & Kakori Kebabs among many other things.
Rakesh Kumar
Oct 14, 2017
Gomti River Front in Gomti Nagar is a good place to visit in the evenings. Lots of street vendors setup stalls, somethings kids and families love.
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