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World India Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Lucknow Zoo
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India Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Zoo


Spreading across 72 acres of ground, Lucknow Zoo is categorized by Central Zoo Authority of India as Large Zoo. Footfalls of visitors counts to 900,000 -1,000,000 per year. Railway board gifted the Toy Train in the year 1969. Starting from Chandrapuri Station, Toy train covers nearly 1.5 km long track with crossings. In toy train you can catch up with every segments of the zoo. Beside Toy Train, you got see a “Vintage Train” used by British Raj in the year 1924. This Vintage Train was bought from Maharajganj where it was lying unused for many years. There are approximately 97 species of animals dwells has habitats in this zoo. The mammals alone counted as 440 in numbers. One of threatened species Royal Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Black Buck, Golden and Silver Pheasants, Lion, Zebra, Asiatic Elephants etc. can be seen in Lucknow Zoo. Also Lucknow zoo is a successful breeding center for White Tiger, Swamp Deer, and several pheasants etc.

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