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World India Uttar Pradesh Ayodhya Shravasti
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India Uttar Pradesh Shravasti


Shravasti or Sravasti is a famous for its heritage and has strong ties with the Buddhist culture. The spread over an area of 1,860 sq km and has its base in Bhinga town. According to the folklore, the town has been named after King Shravasta who ruled here during the 6th century. The city is located in the Gangetic plains close to the Gonda region.

According to some of the Buddhist relics lord Buddha spent 25 years of his life at Sharavasti. The city has an influence of both Jain and Buddhist cultures. The city has a rich cultural heritage and houses several historic stupas, monasteries and religious sites. The city has been an important part of the Gupta period too as it was the center of learning during their rule. Several damaged Stupas and the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang found out ruins of monasteries. The closest airport from the city is 150 km situated in Lucknow, besides the city is also well connected by the rail route via Gonda.

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