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World Nepal Bheri Nepalganj Bardia National Park
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Bheri Bardia National Park


Recognized in the 1980s, Bardia National Park is located in the Western Terai, an area of lowlands amid Himalayas and their foothills further south .Bardia is often illustrated as what Chitwan was like 30 years ago, before being infested by tourism. This park look after one of Asia’s largest stretches of tiger habitat as well as there are also well populations of wild elephants and one-horned rhinos along with the 30 species of mammals existing here. The Bardiya National Park has a magical atmosphere and an environment too pure, to be true for tourists or even the fauna. It has also been compared to the old age 'Chitwan'. 

Bardia National Park also has more than 250 species of birds, as well as the rare Bengal florican and sarus crane. Gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles and Gangetic dolphins are seldom spotted on rafting and canoe trips beside the Geruwa River, the eastern channel of the Karnali River. The finest season to visit the Bardiya Park is from March to June. The ever cryptic and one of sub-continent most iconic and rare species of tiger, the royal Bengal tiger is a major hallmark of this park. Though the temperatures are at peak during that period but the best time of year to witness animals (especially tigers) since a lack of water in the jungle impels them to predictable watering holes.

charge for foreigners is 500nrp per day which should be contained with any jungle walk/jeep safari/rafting package. There are buses from both Pokhara (~12hrs) and Kathmandu (~17hrs) directly to Bardia. The park is comparatively tough to reach, especially compared to Chitwan, but the flight and road transports are worth the effort.

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