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World Nepal Karnali Rara National Park
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Karnali Rara National Park


Encompassing an area of just 106 km per square is the Rara National Park, which is Nepal's smallest, but most scenic. Situated in the Jumla district of the Himalayas in Nepal, it’s a protected area which also established in 1976. The main highlight to this reserve is its accessibility. While many are hiding away in the dense network of grass and some sitting on the scorching heights, Rara can be your quick stop via bus or train with minimalist exertion. The region which the park belongs to is "karnali" which is the centerpiece of the park. Moreover, the largest lake in Nepal with the name of 'Rara' is also why the park has been named after it, observing the proximity and grandeur of the lake, it’s a prestige. The reserve is a lush area of coniferous forest.

Rara National Park was popularized when it took the initiative of introducing a conservative measure in respect to the illegal hunting of the musk deer. The park's flora numbers down to 1074 species, out of which 16 are endemic to Nepal, 51 species of mammals, 214 species of birds. Also, the Rara Lake which is profoundly an asset that combines to the glory of this reserve, the lake is also a staging point for many migratory birds. This lake, which is also known as Mahendra Lake. The lake is as deep as 167 m. Listing down some species that are preserved here in mammals are red panda, wild boar, wild dogs, yellow throated martins and many more. For birds, coots and great- crested grebes are a vision in the migratory seasons. Apart from this, the water life of this reserve is the home to Trouts that are proficiently working as to popularize the park on full swing. 

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