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World Nepal Karnali Upper Mustang Shey Phoksundo National Park
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Upper Mustang
Karnali Shey Phoksundo National Park


Shey Phoksundo National Park ls the only Trans Himalayan National Park in Nepal, and also the biggest. With an area of 3555 sq. km., it covers the areas of Dolpa and Mugu of mid-western region. Dolpa is a remote region, but the mid-point of it is the Shey Phoksundo National Park. This park also had a proximity to an alpine lake by the same name which is some 3611 mts. above the sea level. Apart from the conservation of flora and fauna it does, it is also a famous place for vacation eloping for families and treks. The natural beauty leaves one spellbound. It is regarded as the most beautiful tourist attraction. What makes it picturesque are the little villages alongside the hustle bustle of enormous trees and forest that will echo your voices like you're the sole soul standing, and experiencing divinity . Rich in wildlife and scenic in view, the place will assure you a moment where you'll want to stay there forever. Some endangered species like leopards, musk deer, blue sheep, great Tibetan sheep, Himalayan tahr and more. Another exciting thing about this place is that it a brilliant trek route, to its companion national park which is the Rara Park. Many people pick this over the other options since it ensures them a great package of accessibility, comfortability and the same time it is an exceedingly uplifted place with a very positive and fresh environment.

The place that is, is the home to the elusive snow trout species of snow leopards and blue sheep which is very rare. Apart from these two, some more exotic wildlife is recorded here. As rare as the great Tibetan sheep, Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan gazelle and antelope, and wild yak. Bird species of the park include the Impeyan and cheer Pheasant, chough, raven, Tibetan snow cock, Tibetan twit, brown dipper, Himalayan griffon and lammergeyer. The park is inhabited by people of Tibetan descent who follow the pre-Buddhist Bon religion and some of the main villages are Ringmo, Pugmo, Salclang, Kugun, and Tatgaun.

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