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Khaptad National Park was established in year 1984. Encompassing it is Nepal's far western region. It covers 4 areas, namely districts of BajHang, bajura, Achham and Doti, with an elevation of an altitude around 10,800 ft. Deriving its name after the much popular and praised 'Khaptad baba’, this site is a holy site and believes to be land of vales. Many pilgrims are often seen visiting the area, and even reciting folklores about it. What confines in it, is also an ashram that takes name from the baba's name as well. It was believed that baba took shelter here in the mountains, and concentrated and meditated for some 50 years or more until he fully developed into a hermit. It was after his complex and spiritual journey of so long, that fetch him the position of a saint amongst common men living at that point and for generations to come. The park is a galore of wildlife and natural aesthetics. Life sized forests, rhythmic streams and cuts and valleys sharp like a knife, come together to enhance the beauty of it altogether. The park's current checklist includes 23 mammals, 283 birds, 23 amphibians and reptiles. However, it’s the bird species of falcons and white rumpled vultures that make it much more interesting.

Unlike many other reserves and sites, the Khaptad National Park promises much more to the traveler than ordinary. The temperatures are spine shocking varied and enjoyable that mostly treks prefer. Another factor which dominates the park is the presence of many medicinal herbs, about 224. Another attraction that lets it stand out from all other parks is the "tribeni confluence" made by 3 another famous rivers. Khaptad National Park a must visit for spotting wildlife and at the same time enjoying the view of some mesmerizing rivers.

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