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World Nepal Seti Zone Nepalganj Ghodaghodi Tal
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Seti Zone Ghodaghodi Tal


The Ghodaghodi Tal located in western Nepal is famous not only for its ecological diversity but also for its religious importance. It is believed that the Lord Shiva and Parvati has visited this lake is different forms. Once a hermit chanced upon them and turned them into deities, after which they circles the lake. Infact, the word Ghodaghodi literally means male and female horses. Interesting, right?

Ghodaghodi Lake is a freshwater oxbow lake which is located on the lower slopes of the Siwalik range. Being surrounded by tropical deciduous forest, this lake boasts of nine different lakes separated by marsh lands. These lakes are encircled by tree forest, shrub forest and agriculture forest giving the lake its natural beauty.

As stated earlier, Ghodaghodi Tal is made up of nine lakes which are the Ghodaghodi, Chaitya, Sunpokhari, Nakhrodi, Budhi, Baishwa, Purbi Pjhuaw, Ojhuwa and the Ramphal. The Lake houses a large percentage of the world’s most diverse species and plants. If you happen to be a bird lover, this place is important for you since it has many resident as well as migratory birds.

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