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World India Jammu and Kashmir Zanskar Dzongkhul Monastery
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India Jammu and Kashmir Dzongkhul Monastery


Dzongkhul monastery or Zonkul Gompa is a small dark monastery located in the Stod valley of Zanskar, near the village of Tangker (half an hour drive by road from Padum) is a rarely visited monastery. It is an important shrine of the Buddhist situated on a rock facing the Ating gorge. The main attraction to this place is the presence of the beautiful frescoes on the cave walls.

It was founded on the place where Naropa (Indian Buddhist Mahasidha) used to meditate near a cave which is at present situated at center of the monastery. They have exhibited here finely worked statues of Buddha and of Naropa. Other attractions of this monastery are – a beautiful prayer room, a library, glass swastika, collection of paintings on cloth and several statues. This place is quiet, dark and claustrophobic.

Reaching this place by hiring a taxi from Padum is the easiest option available but if you choose to walk up to this place then it takes 6 hours from Padum, 4 hours from Sani and 2 hours from Phey. As this place is very dry and dusty we advise you to carry plenty of water along with you .One more thing you need to carry is a torch which will keep you away from darkness as well as danger. The closest accommodation available is at Phey - Darang Durung guest house or ZDA guest house here, they have only basic facilities to provide you with. So if they aren’t sufficient for one can travel to Padum and enjoy stay there. The monastery is open on all days. Be here and learn from the artifacts the spiritual side of the Buddhism and enjoy the experience of being here.

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