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World India Jammu and Kashmir Zanskar Karsha Gompa
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India Jammu and Kashmir Karsha Gompa


Karsha Gompa or Kursha Gompa or Kursha Chamspaling is one of the biggest monasteries in Zanskar. It has a collection of ancient rock carvings, old wall paintings, bone relics, remains of Avalokiteshvara temple. It is located a few kilometers from main town Padum, it has a neat white washed building comprising of several chortens, chapels, statues, attractive art works, residential cells for 150 lamas residing there they belong to geluks-pa-sect. Worth admiration is the dance performance by the monks of the monastery during the Gustor Festival celebrated in the sixth month as per the Tibetan calendar. Karsha is located at higher elevation than Padum and is perched on a mountain-side, which makes the setting very picturesque.

This appealing monastery was established by Lama Phagspa Sherab in the 10th century. Dalai Lama’s younger brother is the one who maintains this gompa. This place gives you a marvelous view of the glaciers, landscapes, greenery, mountains and breathtaking view of the entire Zanskar. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the early evolution of the Buddhist culture and their traditions and ways. The only way to explore Karsha is on foot. Jeeps are available to visit the places around the monastery from Padum which is 6 km away from this place. Best time to be here is during June to September. Home stays, restaurants, dormitories are available at Padum town. Food is also available at the monastery premises. Enjoy the experience.

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